About us

A couple of years ago I was the volunteer co-ordinator for another childhood cancer support group. I always knew that working with cancer children was a calling.

Interesting facts are that one in every 600 children will get cancer.

Children die, because they don’t know which signs to look out for nor their parents and teachers. I wanted to get the word out there regarding warning signs and then LULU was "born". Children connect very easily with a character. I contacted my 2 very talented friends, Steyn Fourie – a musician/song writer and singer and Lurina Eykelenboom-Fourie, a writer and photographer, to help me give “life” to this wonderful project called: “THE LULU PROJECT”.

Two weeks during February we toured around the Western Cape, West Coast and Boland areas and saw about 20,000+ children the first year, bringing awareness through “Lulu's” (who is a "leukemia" girl) performance of song and dance. The second year “Lulu” launched her own cd with her 2 friends “Fred the tortoise” and “Griet – a silly horse”, in the form of a story and sing-along-songs about awareness. It was made available to the 45,000 +/- school children we saw that specific year and sold over 12,000 cd’s. Taking the awareness to their households and teachers, achieving our exact goals!

We got the most wonderful feedback and testimonials from parents and teachers. One young boy who saw “Lulu’s” show realized afterward something was wrong with his leg and asked his grandmother to take him to the doctor. He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and subsequently lost his leg and later his life…imagine if he saw “Lulu” early enough what the outcome could have been….

Due to personal- and family trauma after 5 ½ years, I resigned and attended to and supported my family since. I have however, noticed a huge need for home based care giving and extended giving where other organizations are restricted by their constitutional laws. They can only support cancer children and their families up to a certain level…we want to go beyond and help wherever we can, to make these families lives better and support until…either the kid is healed/remission or if the child is not going to make it, help them to die at home with their loved ones by their side. A huge lack of this type of child support have been noted, especially in the Western Cape, West Coast, Boland and surrounding areas. We are going to take hands with other organizations to ensure that support is given where necessary.

I reconnected with some of the former volunteers and we raised some concerns, and as we share the passion for cancer children, and the “Lulu project” decided to register the “Lulu project – meaning - "Love Unfolds Let’s Unite” – we have united against the fight on cancer and by forming a unity we can share our love, time and energy to make our precious cancer children’s lives a little better…even just for a short while. You may never be able to do this, but let us be your arms to give a hug, your eyes to shed a tear, your voice to hush a crying or dying child until the Angels come to fetch them or be your arms and legs to rejoice if a child is cancer free!!!